Refund policy

Our refund/exchange policy is as follows:

  • Product must be returned within 3 days of receiving the package. The purchaser must contact us during this period if they wish to return the product.
  • All perfumes, whether they be oils or sprays are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon by Oud Factory management.
  • Agarwood/Woods are refundable as long as the amount used is no more than one gram in weight.
  • Product must be returned in its original state without any damage or change to it.

In the circumstance of a product return and a refund is requested, the purchaser will be liable for all shipping costs to and from the clients’ location. The client will also be liable for any money transfer fees incurred in the process and is also liable for currency transfer fees.

The refund will only be issued after the product has returned to the supplier and undergoes a complete check.

For any questions you may contact us directly via WhatsApp (+971568788399) or by email.